Breaking Bad: ‘Ozymandias’ Cast Includes A Few Surprises [Spoilers]

Tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad is one of the most anticipated of the season. Creator Vince Gilligan said that “Ozymandias” is his favorite episode of the entire series and fans are dying to see who will escape last week’s shootout with their lives.

At the end of last week’s episode, Walter White finally gets arrested by his DEA brother-in-law Hank.

But before Heisenberg is hauled off to jail, Hank, Gomie and Jesse are caught in the middle of a hail of bullets courtesy of Uncle Jack and his gang.

Who lives? Who dies? Who is going to show up in Ozymandias?

The IMDB page for the episode contains a few interesting characters. [You might want to stop reading now if you want to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers.]

According to IMDB, tonight’s episode is going to feature several cast members who have lost their lives in the wake of Walt’s empire.

Jane, Gale, Tuco, Mike, and Krazy 8 are all slated to appear in tonight’s episode. All of these characters, in case you don’t remember, were killed because of their connection to Heisenberg. Some were killed by Walt himself, like Mike and Krazy 8, while others were killed via Walt’s orders, like Kale, or Walt’s negligence, like Jane.

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Vince Gilligan said: “You are gonna gaze upon Walt’s works, and despair.”

It’s unclear if tonight’s episode will feature flashbacks or if Walt will have some sort of feverish hallucinations. What is clear is that Walt will not be able to escape his past in Ozymandias.

Gilligan said: “I think these last three episodes, not to overstate it, and you could say this about the last eight, but with these last three in particular you need to install a seat belt on your sofa, you need to wear a crash helmet and a diaper. This next episode (entitled “Ozymandias”), I think for my money, is the best episode we ever had had or ever will have. I think people are going to have trouble breathing after this thing airs. It’s tremendous and it’s a great, great hour of television and I’m as proud as I can be of the two episodes that air after that one and both of them are a hell of a wild ride, too. I couldn’t be more proud of these final eight episodes or these last three episodes. I think they’re going to leave us with some sleepless nights.”