Big Brother Update: Andy Earns Lifeline In Final Head Of Household Competition [Spoilers]

Big Brother might not be over for Andy just yet.

The player who snowed the other houseguests all year with his well-timed lies and very calculated backstabbing looked to have fallen off as the competition reached the final three. Spencer and GinaMarie, who have both been working with Andy for weeks, began to realize that he was too strong to beat in the final two and both pledged to take each other through if they won the final Head of Household competition.


That plan seemed to be set into motion when GinaMarie won the first part of the Head of Household competition, an endurance contest where she outlasted the men. The win gave her an automatic berth in the third part of the competition, and forced Andy to square off against Spencer for the other spot in the final contest.

Had Andy lost, his game would have almost definitely been over. GinaMarie and Spencer may not have had the best games all summer, but both turned it on and won when they needed to. But Andy has been in game-mode from the beginning, and facing off against him in the final two would have meant settling for second place. There would be likely no chance either would select him to stay in the game.

But it never came to that. In the second Head of Household competition, a contest where houseguests had to solve a timed riddle, Andy won.

This sets up an interesting finale night for Big Brother. The final competition — and final eviction of the year — will be shown live on Wednesday’s finale, and at this point all competitors have a roughly equal chance of winning the $500,000 grand prize. For GinaMarie and Spencer, however, they’ll still only have a chance if Andy is in the jury rater than in the final two.