McDaniels, Singletary to the Vikings?

This sounded a little crazy the first time I read it, but as I sit here and think about it maybe this is a really great move. The Minnesota Vikings and Head Coach Leslie Frazier have interviewed Josh McDaniels to be their new Offensive Coordinator, and Mike Singletary to be their Linebackers coach. Both men flamed out as NFL head coaches this year, but that does not mean they would not be very valuable assistant coaches.

Say what you will about Josh McDaniels, but Denver Bronco QB Kyle Orton put up a ton of numbers in his offense. Since it looks like either Orton or Tim Tebow will not survive in Denver, adding one of them with McDaniels as the OC would be a strong move to fix one of the larger problems with the Vikings. Much like Marty Mornhinweg, who was a disaster as a head coach in Detroit, he rebounded as a very effective OC in Philadelphia. I think McDaniels will have a very similar career path.

No one can argue Singletary was one of the finest linebackers of his generation, and I think he could be a very effective position coach, and possible Defensive Coordinator in the making. As a Head Coach he was over matched, but I would like to see him rebuild the Vikings LB crops in his image.

I guess the better news here is Leslie Frazier has waited a long time to get a head coaching gig, and it looks like he is very serious about making the Vikings his team. Even though the Vikings play against my Detroit Lions in the NFC North, I have to respect that job I think Frazier will do with this team.

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