Michelle Pfeiffer Reveals Secret To De Niro

Michelle Pfeiffer is hitting the big screen this weekend along with the great Robert De Niro in The Family.

The movie sees De Niro playing an ex-mob boss who goes into witness protection along with his wife and kids. The typically Brooklyn family are relocated to a small and quaint town in France.

Fox News spoke to both De Niro and Pfeiffer about their new movie, but Pfeiffer had a little secret which she revealed to her co-star, De Niro:

“I actually auditioned for Raging Bull, that was when I very first met you… did I ever tell you that?” She told De Niro. He looked rather shocked and responded that he did not know.

Pfeiffer continued: “It was my very first interview ever, and my agent just sent me on it. It was like go have an experience, never thinking I would ever get the part, which of course I didn’t. But I always dreamed of working with him, so I was just very excited.”

Robert De Niro spoke about the reasons he believes that gangster movies are so often replayed on television: “It’s like the Westerns. It’s part of American folklore. Gangster movies, they go outside the limits the normal limits parameters of everyday living society so that makes them more interesting to watch and if you see it done in a real way it’s very interesting. It can also be done in more of a fantasy way, another way of doing it.”

You can catch the full Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro interview on Fox411.com