Jamie Foxx Ruins The End Of ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ [Video]

Jamie Foxx may have accidentally ruined the end of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 several months before it hits theaters. Well, he may have spoiled the fate of his character, anyway.

Not sure whether or not to say “spoilers” here, because I’m not sure this qualifies as a spoiler. “Slip-Of-The-Tongue Warning,” how about that?

Anyway, during an interview with TotalFilm about a movie which shall not be named in this publication, Foxx and co-star of said odious film Channing Tatum branched off into superhero territory. As you know by now, Jamie Foxx plays Electro, the main antagonist, in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel, and according to the actor, the role is just a set up for something bigger.

Sinister Six bigger.

Matt Risley asked Foxx if he’d be interested in returning for a Sinister Six-type appearance, to which he responded “Yes,” without hesitation.

“They actually talked about that. Sinister Six. So, fingers crossed,” Foxx said. “Because electricity never dies, it just goes to a different place.”

Oh, now why did you have to say that. Now we pretty much know that Foxx’s Electro will die at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2. That’s pretty standard for most superhero flicks, sure, and resurrecting characters for future stories is pretty standard for comic books in general, so it’s not really a surprise, is it? Still, it’s spoiler-y, I guess.

Channing Tatum was also asked about the superhero film phenomenon, and whether he’d ever be interested in taking part in such a film (G.I. Joe movies don’t count). He replied that he’d actually love to play Gambit, an X-Men character previously portrayed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine by Taylor Kitsch.

Tatum’s reasons? He’s from New Orleans. Well, his dad is. And he can do a Cajun accent (judge for yourself in the video below).