PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One: Round Two Still Goes To Sony

David Cornell

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still going at it, but the clear winner still looks to be Sony.

Sony has had an almost too easy time in the months before the next-gen console releases. At first it was doubtful because they had announced the console without really showing it. Then Microsoft came along with its Xbox One reveal, and they spent most of the event revealing details gamers didn't want to have, and focusing on its TV aspects, a game that isn't exclusive to the Xbox One, and sports. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot from the start.

As time went on, Microsoft almost secretly turned around a few of their console details to please angry gamers who were ready to jump ship and go with Sony's console instead. The DRM policy reversal made the difference between a complete failure and hope for the console at the time.

It seemed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might actually be in a competition again, but then Microsoft started making more mistakes.

A gamer on created a petition to bring back the DRM policies that Microsoft had announced for the Xbox One in the first place, and even though a lot of the signers were Sony fans, Microsoft listened, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Now those policies that had doomed the Xbox One from the beginning are expected to return eventually.

The last straw in the battle between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One was the release dates. The PlayStation 4 is being released November 15, while the Xbox One is a week later on November 22. If Microsoft hadn't made enough bad moves before, that sealed it. Gamers strapped for cash are most likely going to pick up Sony's console for $100 less instead of waiting a week to spend the extra money for a machine that will eventually become the most restrictive console in history.

Then there was that infamous Xbox One TV spot that didn't show us anything having to do with video games. Sony barely had to lift a finger this time.

The battle between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is once again leaning toward Sony for the win.