‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Bombshell?: A Three Way With Walter, Skyler And…

Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk. The Breaking Bad series finale has the fandom on edge. Now Instagram is at it again, with a photo posted by Aaron Paul which suggests a three way with Walter, wife Skyler, and…Jesse? You be the judge.

Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkaman and started the crystal meth empire to help White provide for his family after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, is suggesting that the threesome share more than a “business” in the series finale.

While everyone is speculating whether White will live or walk into the sunset somehow, this bombshell shows the three characters in bed, naked, presenting the possibility that indeed they all got between the sheets, together.

Paul posted the photo to Instagram on Friday and immediately, social media was abuzz about the nature of the pic. He uses the word “spoilers” on his caption.

Actors Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, and Aaron Paul are seen sitting there, with a sheet covering their upper bodies. White is actually smoking a joint.

The Breaking Bad finale is getting closer and in each episode there seems to be something that leaves the audience hanging. This new image shared by Paul is disturbing, not only because the three are in bed, together, but because Walter is smoking and you know, he has lung cancer. The two shouldn’t go hand in hand.

Breaking Bad finale bombshell? A threesome with Walter, Skyler and...Photo shared by Aaron Paul on Instagram.

Fans were speculating whether Walter would live or die, and this may be a hint as to what happens to him. Is he defying death?

Aaron Paul is known as a guy with a sense of humor and he might just be pulling fans’ chain with this little number. We can almost hear the clamoring right now.

Could this just be a set-up or are the tortured characters in the drama actually doing the unthinkable?

We will just have to wait and see if the three actually end in bed together during the Breaking Bad series finale. Thanks Aaron.