Eton Delivers Excellent American Red Cross Survival Equipment [CES 2011]

The team at Eton has teamed up with The American Red Cross to create a sleek looking group of survival equipment.

Whether you want a self powered flashlight or an AM/FM Radio with weather capabilities, Eton and the American Red Cross have rugged devices that are perfect for most uses.

For example, take a look at the WeatherTrackerFR800, a digital radio with location based weather notices, an audio input, headphone jack and DC power slot:

Eton American Red Cross WeatherTracker

One of my personal favorite gadgets from Eton is the self-powered flashlight, while it’s not a new concept the rugged design and the cool retro feel makes for a must have utility piece for your next hiking excursion:

Eton American Red Cross Flashlight

Also worth a closer look and definitely one of the more complex units from the American Red Cross collection is the Axis, a radio with flashlight and weather tracker that also features a port to charge your cell phone directly from the unit.

Eton American Red Cross Radio With Flashlight

There are a ton of new Eton American Red Cross items to choose from, I highly recommend you check them out if you’re the outdoors type.

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