Breaking Bad Finale: Will Walter White Die In The End? [Spoilers]

The Breaking Bad finale is now just a little more than two weeks away, and as the show barrels toward its conclusion fans have one question on their minds — is Walter White going to die?

The show’s protagonist was left in a precarious situation at the end of the last episode as Walt was taken into custody by DEA agent Hank Schroder, only to get caught up in a gunfight between the agents and the hitmen Walt called to take care of Jesse. The fate of Walt, Hank, and the others in the middle of the flying bullets was unknown as the episode ended.

Those who want some spoilers on the Breaking Bad finale can find a bit of insight from the actors.

Actor Bryan Cranston shed some light on what fans might expect in the finale. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said he and co-star Aaron Paul have joked about the finale and Walter White’s mortality.

“I honestly didn’t know what would happen, or how,” Craston said. “Aaron and I constantly teased each other: ‘I bet I kill you.’ And he’d go, ‘No, no, no, I kill you.’ “

But Cranston said that if he had to guess, he thinks the Breaking Bad finale will mean death for some of the more innocent characters while Walt survives.

“The one person who should die, because of the toxicity he’s created, who almost wishes he would die – ‘Enough already! Let me out of here’ – it wouldn’t get past me, if that’s the guy who survives,” Cranston said. “And the innocents – the Jessies, the Skylers – I think they go. That was my guess.”

Cranston said he views the entire series as a test of Walt’s character, one that he failed badly. So this may end any hope viewers have of some kind of redemptive ending.

“Here’s the bigger question from Walter’s perspective,” Cranston asked, “Is it ever worth it to compromise your morality and your ethics to try to become someone else for financial gain. That’s the crux of character. To me, character in a person is judged by the decisions that are made under pressure. Walt failed that test. I understand why he did it; temptation, humiliation, the lack of financial security – all those elements were carefully designed by Vince to put Walt in that dilemma, but he failed to rise above the pressures. When you look at it, you realize that’s the downfall of other people – when you fail that test.”

Actor Bob Odenkirk, who plays Walt’s lawyer Saul, said he didn’t have spoilers about the Breaking Bad finale (he didn’t read the entire script, just his parts) but did say the ending will be a shock to fans.

“I’ve been told that the ending is really surprising and really satisfying and you can’t believe the number of loose ends that get wrapped up,” Odenkirk said. “That’s all hearsay, though, because I didn’t read it. I dumped it in the trash, and then I dumped out the trash.”

So if Walter White is going to die in the Breaking Bad finale, fans will have to tune in September 29 to find out.