Sara Gilbert Thanks Johnny Galecki For Keeping Her Secret [Video]

Sharon Osbourne and Jullie Chen have both shared their own secrets this week on The Talk and now it is Sara Gilbert’s turn to share some personal information. The former star of Roseanneopened up about her sexuality, her relationship with Johnny Galecki, and how she is still scared to publicly admit that she’s a lesbian.

Gilbert said that she first realized that she was gay when she was dating her former co-star during their days on Roseanne.

Gilbert said: “He would come over and we would like make out and then I would start to get depressed… Johnny felt badly, I think, and started to take it personally and didn’t understand what was going on. So, I eventually told him that I thought it was about my sexuality.”

Gilbert added that Galecki gave her an unbelievable amount of support and was one of the reasons that she was able to open up to her friends, family, and fans.

Sara asked Galecki not to tell anyone that she was gay and the Big Bang Theory Star stayed true to his word. Galecki kept Gilbert’s secret until she was ready to come out.

Gilbert said: “He was super sweet about it… I started dating a woman who was like 18 years older than I was. No one knew at the show for years and Johnny held the secret the whole time and I just felt like always so scared if it came out, what could happen? Could I lose my career?”

When the former star of Roseanne decided that she was going to talk about her sexuality on The Talk she decided to give Galecki a heads up. The Big Bang Theory star was as supportive as ever and even offered to come join her on the show.

Gilbert added: “[He said] ‘I love you and I think it’s really important. I’m so proud of you.’ He said, ‘If you want, I’ll be there and hold your hand.’ I just thought that was so sweet.”

Here’s a video of Sara Gilbert talking about her sexuality and her relationship with Johnny Galecki on The Voice.

Gilbert currently has two children with her fiance Linda Perry but the actress still says that she’s uncomfortable talking about her sexuality.

Gilbert said: “When I talk about my sexuality on the show or in public, I still feel really scared. So I’ll try to act confident or I’ll make jokes about it, but there’s still a piece of me that goes, ‘What is this costing me in my career?'”