Rex Ryan ‘Never Said’ Mark Sanchez Won Jets QB Job

Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan has chimed in on the Mark Sanchez situation. The always up front Ryan says he “never said” that Sanchez won New York’s quarterback competition, despite Sanchez’s claims to the contrary.

On Thursday Mark Sanchez told Rich Eisen of NFL Network that he won the quarterback competition in the preseason, not rookie Geno Smith. Sanchez has been trying to save face recently after missing time with a shoulder injury.

Rex Ryan countered Mark Sanchez when speaking with reporters Friday:

“I never said he won the competition. That’s his opinion. It’s not about a company line. Apparently, if that’s what he said then that’s his opinion. Again there is that ongoing competition.”

Ryan was happy the the quarterback he drafted to be the face of the franchise in 2009 spoke out though. He likes the confidence Mark Sanchez showed in his own ability with his statement.

Just because Rex Ryan never said Mark Sanchez won the quarterback job, doesn’t mean he is suddenly on the Geno Smith bandwagon. If he was, the Jets would probably have placed Sanchez on the injured reserve.

Sanchez is likely to need surgery to repair his shoulder after the season. Early reports that he wouldn’t be able to play this season have been exaggerated however.

Maybe Ryan and the Jets are just playing their cards close to the chest right now. Geno Smith has looked anything but spectacular in his two starts. If Sanchez can avoid surgery and play later this season, it might benefit the team.

For now Ryan will have to live through the growing pains of a rookie quarterback again. Smith threw three fourth quarter interceptions against New England last night. His final one, with 38 seconds left on the clock, ended the game.

Do you believe Rex Ryan “never said” Mark Sanchez was the starter?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]