High-Tech Inventions We Want From Popular Media

Some high-tech inventions we've seen in movies, video games, and TV shows would be extremely useful these days if we could make them work.

You know the deal. You watched something cool and witnessed an invention of sorts that could easily turn an aspect of your life around if it actually existed. Here is a list of high-tech inventions from popular media that would definitely change things.

  • Back to the Future – The hoverboard would make an awesome form of transportation for anyone who wants to go places in fair weather without worrying about nails or broken glass on the road deflating or stopping the tires cold.
  • Star Trek – Food replicators that make full meals on the fly could easily cut hours out of a gourmet chef's time. Just feed the recipe into the machine, give it a name, and just tell it what dish you want. Instant bacon cheeseburger, anyone?
  • Star Wars – The lightsaber might be a lethal weapon in the movies, but different alterations on this high-tech invention could be handy in many ways. Carpenters could have it so much easier, and they'd make some seriously cool bug lights.
  • Men in Black – The neuralizer might seem like something you'd avoid using, but imagine you just saw probably the worst movie you've ever seen in your life (Men in Black II if you're lucky). Just leave a note telling yourself it was a waste of time and money and then flash yourself. No memory of the movie needed.
  • Assassin's Creed – The animus could easily be the greatest gaming system ever made. The one in Abstergo would be preferable to the one Desmond Miles' team ends up using. No controller needed; you just think it and it happens like you're actually there.
The 'Assassin's Creed' animus is a high-tech invention we'd like to see
The 'Assassin's Creed' animus is a high-tech invention we'd like to see
  • Watch Dogs – Aiden Pearce's mobile device would make it so handy to do pretty much everything. Just hack a sports car to get to work and then remotely drive it back where you found it, making sure that every traffic light is green along the way. You could even simply find someone you're sure has some money to spare, and take a donation they aren't aware of. You might want to keep yourself unnoticed, though, or you could end up in prison.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! – The wrist-mounted card projector would be a great high-tech invention for slideshows. Forget the screen, just show them your graphs and plans in full 3D.
  • BioShock – The underwater city might look grim and a little scary in the game, but if you think about it, most of the planet is covered in water, and space habitats are still a long way off. We could use the power of water pressure as a source of energy.
'BioShock' gave us the high-tech invention of the underwater city
'BioShock' gave us the high-tech invention of the underwater city
  • The Jetsons – The robot maid could take care of the chores while you're out and about, so you don't have to spend half of your days off just cleaning up because work leaves you too tired.
  • Futurama – The micro-droid machine could revolutionize medicine, as surgeons could literally run through the patient's body and see what's going on using a full-body control suit. Just imagine having cholesterol or even cancer systematically scraped out and sent straight to your bowels, to be discarded the next time you're on the crapper.
'Futurama' gave us micro-droids
'Futurama' gave us micro-droids

These are the ten most obvious high-tech inventions we've seen in movies, TV and video games. Do you have any to add?