Jason Statham Says Fans Will See His ‘Lighter Side’ In ‘Homefront’

Jason Statham and James Franco will square off in the upcoming action-thriller Homefront. However, the busy action star said fans can expect to see his lighter side in the flick.

Penned by Sylvester Stallone, the movie finds the Parker star scuffling with a small-town meth dealer named Gator (Franco). He’ll also have to contend with a biker chick played by Winona Ryder.

During his recent chat with the folks at USA Today, Jason Statham said the movie allowed him to get in touch with his lighter side. Although the movie will still involve a hefty amount of tough-guy theatrics, Homefront essentially allowed the busy actor to stretch his legs a bit.

“I’ve done certain kind of roles up to now, and this is different from the usual tough-guy role, who does not show a lot of emotion and is mostly action. In this film you get to see the lighter side of me. Yet there is still the tough-guy element,” Statham explained to the publication.

Homefront and The Expendables 3 aren’t the only films keeping the actor busy these days. The actor is also slated to play a significant role in director James Wan’s Fast and Furious 7. The film recently began production in Los Angeles.

Although the Transporter star has been tapped for a role in the sequel, don’t bother asking him to reveal any juicy details. According to Statham, he’s been sworn to secrecy by the boys and girls over at Universal Pictures.

“People think I’m gonna play the bad guy. People think I’m gonna be the villain. People don’t really know what’s comin’, and I think there’s something exciting about that. People are just dying to know what extent and what involvement I’m going to have in the movie,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

The first poster for Homefront is included below.

Jason Statham Homefront

Are you looking forward to catching Jason Statham in director Gary Fleder’s Homefront?

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