October 19, 2016
Justin Bieber's Manager Eyeing Lil Za, Lil Twist, And Not In A Good Way?

Justin Bieber's buddies Lil Za and Lil Twist are reportedly getting the heave-ho from the teen superstar's Calabasas, Calif., mansion, according to reports.

The Canadian star's manager Scooter Braun reportedly thinks the pair are a bad influence on the singer and has made arrangements for them to be housed elsewhere.

Young Money rapper, Lil Twist's, 20, real name is Christopher Lynn Moore. Lil Za's formal name is Xavier Smith, and in a series of tweets posted yesterday he stated he is no longer using the name Lil Za.

The duo, who call themselves 'brothers' although their family names differ, have reportedly been staying at Justin's $6.5 million residence for some time.

A source close to the situation purportedly told Radar Online, ''Lil Twist and Lil Za have basically been ordered by Scooter to vacate Justin's house."

The alleged insider added, "He wants them out by the end of the month and they've even already been set up with their own apartments.''

Both Lil Twist and Lil Za have been accused of hosting parties while the singer performed on his Believe world tour, angering the residents of the gated community by allegedly playing loud music, partying into the wee hours and allegedly allowing guests to park outside Bieber's house.

It's alleged 'sizzurp' --- a street cocktail containing codeine and dextromethorphan mixed with soda or alcohol to produce a high --- has been taken by guests or made available during these parties.

Previously described by Justin as his "best friend" in an April interview with Teen Vogue, Twist has been accused of introducing the young star to drugs.

On January 1, Lil Twist was cited by traffic police while driving Bieber's white Ferrari in Los Angeles. A paparazzo who took photos of the moment was hit by a passing car and later died. The "Baby" singer was not in the car at the time.

On January 4, snaps of Twist and Bieber allegedly smoking weed in a hotel room surfaced online.

In recent months, both Lil Za and Lil Twist have been involved in further speeding incidents while driving their friend's high performance cars.

In March, while behind the wheel of "Boyfriend" singer's Fisker Karma, Twist plowed the car into cement poles near a San Fernando liqueur store.

Back in May, Twist was pulled over by police for speeding while driving one of the "Baby" singer's cars. He was reportedly let off with a warning.

In June, he and Za were caught on film during an apparent speeding incident in Calabasas which also involved abusive language being directed to a resident of the exclusive compound.

In July, Twist was arrested for an alleged DUI after he was caught speeding in Bieber's Chrome Fisker Karma car. Sources told TMZ the rapper had a lit blunt in the vehicle. The case is ongoing.

In August, Twist was accused of battery by an unidentified female who alleged the "Twerk" rapper grabbed her arm and tried to prevent her from leaving Justin's home during a party. She filed a report with police on August 1.

Bieber was not at his residence at the time.

The Dallas native has since denied the allegation. In a statement released to Gossip Cop, Twist's spokesperson said:

"Lil Twist was not involved in any battery." The rep added: "He asked the guest of a third party at the home to leave, and security escorted the guest from the premises after the guest became disruptive."

Reports of tension between Braun and Bieber over his friendships have bubbled for a while. Last month TMZ reported the pair argued over Twist and Za, with the singer reportedly refusing to hear a word said against his "true friends."

Radar Online's alleged insider said of Za and Twist, ''There's a growing disenchantment with them. But there's no specific ultimatum date.

''Scooter's cleaning house, and it starts with Lil Twist and Lil Za," the source purportedly added.

However, TMZ recently spoke to Lil Za about a reality show Lil Twist is reportedly pitching to MTV. Asked about rumors of his and Twist's departure from Bieber's home, Za replied,

"I don't know anything about that. But Twist is there, right now (sic)."