Better Call Saul: Breaking Bad Spin Off Confirmed

The story of Walter White will come to a close this summer but the story of Saul Goodman will continue. AMC has given the green light for a Breaking Bad spin off called Better Call Saul.

But don't jump to any conclusions about the final episodes ofBreaking Bad. Saul could still find himself dead, imprisoned, or a customer of "the fixer" in the next few episodes.

AMC said that Better Call Saul will take place before the events of Breaking Bad.

IGN reports that the new show will be an hour long drama and will star Bob Odenkirk. It's unlikely that Bryant Cranston will appear in the show, after all, Better Call Saul takes place before Walter White breaks bad, but the spin off could include Breaking Bad stars like Huell, played by Lavell Crawford, or Kuby, played by Bill Burr.

The show could also bring back characters like Gustavo Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito, and Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks. Saul did, after all, deal with plenty of seedy characters long before Walter White came around.

Vince Gilligan will be involved in the "creative process" but it's unclear what his official position will be on the spin-off. Peter Gould, who wrote the episode Better Call Saul and who has directed several episode of Breaking Bad, will be spearheading the new AMC project.