Elisabeth Hasselbeck Making Friends At The Fox News Channel

For ten long years The View’sElisabeth Hasselbeck was the sole voice for the right winged people. On the show she often advocated conservative views on hot button issues, especially the war on Iraq, and promoted anti-abortion conversations.

Hasselbeck has now moved on from The View so she can feel at home with her strong views on Fox’s conservative-friendly show Fox & Friends. Hasselbeck is joining the likes of Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, also staunch republicans.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her announcement that she was leaving The View in July only days before she would make her last appearance on the show. During her last show, Hasselbeck focused on praise for Barbara Walters, saying to Walters that she felt like she had attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcasting and Journalism. At the time Hasselbeck pointed to the veteran as the source of her education throughout her ten-year run.

Now that Hasselbeck has moved on to Fox & Friends, she does have a bit of an insight about what the experience will be like. Hasselbeck’s return to television on her new network Fox, is set for Monday, September 16 at 6 am/5c.

About the people’s perception of Fox & Friends, which includes the media’s satirical shots at the show, Hasselbeck told TV Guide:

“It’s never easy being No. 1 [among cable news morning shows] as Fox & Friends and has been for a long time. So there will be people in jest with satirical comments or with bad intent looking to chomp at the heels of the frontrunner. You can spend your time focused on that or just working hard with good attitude and ethic. The latter has been the rule for me.”

When asked if she received any advice from Barbara Walters during her last day at The View, Hasselbeck said: “I don’t recall anything that day.”

Before Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a political talking head for shows like The View and Fox & Friends, she was a reality star on Survivor: The Australian Outback.

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