Channing Tatum's Baby Appears In Public With Mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum [Photo]

Channing Tatum must be one proud papa, 3-month-old baby Everly and mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum were spotted walking around on Saturday in Vancouver, Canada.

The baby sure does look adorable. What else can be expected of the offspring of one of the hottest couples in Hollywood?

Jenna-Dewan Tatum is in Canada filming her new television series Witches Of East End, which she has been promoting endlessly on Twitter.

Jenna appears to have lost all of her pregnancy weight and looked amazing in denim shorts and a bun, holding her little daughter while paying a visit to a spa and local park afterwards.

Both her and super hot hubby Channing Tatum returned to work shortly after the baby was born on May 31. Jenna admits being a mom and working in Hollywood has been a challenge.

During a Television Critics Association panel for her show Witches Of East End in July, Channing Tatum's wife said,

"It's hard. It definitely is a challenge. I'm finding I'm getting more in the flow of things now. It's about switching the brain like, 'Okay, now I'm mom, now I'm the actress' and then jumping into character and then coming back and breast feeding."

She also confesses that the experience of being a mother has transformed her and has changed everything for her,

"For me, everything feels different, everything matters more. Every action I take, I think of her first." Dewan-Tatum adds.

As to the relationship with her husband, Jenna also says that it has evolved into something deeper, watching him take care of little Everly has been a new and wonderful thing. She called him, "amazing".

"You see the thing you love the most love the other thing you love the most, and there's this natural new awakening of the love you guys share together. Just caring for something that's so small and gentle and's just amazing."

Channing Tatum is one lucky dude and seems to be owning up to his new role as a father, making his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gush.