George Clooney Does ‘Dad Duty’ … With Sandra Bullock’s Son

George Clooney’s image as a marriage and children resisting bachelor extraordinaire is legendary, but the famously hard to pin down actor isn’t above being a dad… like figure, to Sandra Bullock’s son.

While George Clooney’s girlfriends are always rumored to bounce due to his non-committal nature, longtime pal Sandra Bullock paints an entirely different picture of the permabachelor — and admits her toddler son just loves spending “man time” with the actor.

Bullock adopted Louis, 3, during a tough time and arduous split with cheater Jesse James — but becoming a mom has been a transformative experience. And she has a little help from her friends, Sandy says — most notably Clooney.

Hey, how lucky is any little boy to get man lessons from George Clooney himself? Bullock says Louis knows what’s up, and that he actively seeks out dude on dude time with the star of Ocean’s Eleven.

Bullock explained:

“My son thinks he’s a very cool dude. If there was a choice between me and George and [director] Alfonso [Curaón], my son will leave to go with George and the guys. He’s a boys’ boy –- he has to go and talk to the men… He asked, ‘Where’s George and Rande [Gerber]?’ I’m like, ‘What? I don’t know.’ He goes, ‘I need them.’ We went to meet with them and they had man time. I stood off to the side and waited for them to finish and then I was allowed to take him back.”

Clooney isn’t just a co-worker, and Bullock explained that he’s been a good friend for a long time. She described how she and George were pals even when they were just regular people, way before either hit it big:

George and I have known each other for over 20 years. We’ve known each other since we got out of college and we have the same group of friends. We knew each other since we had no work… George is a good man, and I’m really proud to have known him for this time and the human being he’s become. He’s a good egg.”

How cool is it for George Clooney to help out his single mom pal Sandra Bullock? Is it possible this story will make women love the star even more?