Justin Bieber Buddies Lil Twist And Lil Twist Pitching MTV Reality Show [Video]

The idea of Justin Bieber's wingmen Young Money rapper Lil Twist and his 'brother' Lil Za starring in an MTV reality show will either delight or deter you.

The news is the twosome --- who appear to live with Justin Bieber or at least spend a great deal of time shirtless at the singer's Calabasas, CA mansion --- are about to pitch a reality show concept to MTV.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Lil Twist's birth name is Christopher Lynn Moore, while Lil Za's is Xavier Smith.

The gossip site caught up with Lil Za this weekend outside a Calabasas Pick Up Stix, and it seems he was only too happy to share the big plans for the small screen.

"Twist is actually about to pitch a TV show with MTV," Za told TMZ, adding, "Hopefully they pick it up."

Confidently, he adds, "They will though, it's quite entertaining."

Pressed for details Za said the show will focus "around Twist and his music," but when asked said his much more famous Canadian pal would turn up in the show "here and there but Bieber's about to go on tour."

Justin can presently be heard on Twist's "Twerk" track (it was originally the teen star's) along with Miley Cyrus. It's expected to appear on Twist's upcoming Bad Decisions album, which is executive produced by Lil Wayne and Shawty Mane (aka Bieber).

Possibly striking terror into the hearts of any casting agents reading this, Za revealed he plans on appearing in the proposed reality show and is actively pursuing a career in acting.

In between manly mouthfuls of Chicken Chow Mein, Za said he had no idea what the concept pitch is called. Surely "The Wild Boyz" must be on the shortlist?

At this point in the grilling, the topic turned to a rumor that Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and others consider Twist a "bad influence" and want him to move out of the teen star's house.

Za's response? "I don't know anything about that. But Twist is there, right now so y'all better... [remains indecipherable after many, many, playbacks.]

Doubtless alluding to Bieber's recent traffic citation given after he allegedly drove straight through a stop sign in Calabasas, Za and Twist's caught-on-tape confrontation with a resident of the gated community, Twist's many crashes and/or citations in the "Baby" singer's cars and recent (strongly denied) battery accusation, various drug-taking rumors and general rowdiness, TMZ asked Za for his view on driving while smoking.

Za replied, "I think driving and doing anything else besides driving is dangerous."

TMZ asked the would-be thespian the same question again while substituting a different activity, which essentially yielded the same response.

So, to recap; an intermittent Justin Bieber, Lil Twist and Lil Za, may shortly be beaming into front rooms everywhere courtesy of an MTV reality show.

Get excited.

Justin Bieber, Lil Za, And Lil Twist, MTV Reality Show Pitch?

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