‘Ghost Rider’ Lawsuit Settled, Marvel Retains Rights To The Character

The folks at Marvel recently settled a lawsuit with Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich. The company will reportedly retain the rights to the comic book character.

After creating the superhero for the publisher back in the 70s, Friedrich attempted to sue Marvel in hopes of getting the legal rights to the character. However, a judge later ruled that the freelancer comic book author’s contact with the company ultimately prevented him from keeping Ghost Rider for himself.

Not satisfied with this ruling, Gary Friedrich took his case to an appeals court. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a judge ultimately overturned the first ruling. To get everything sorted out, the case was sent to a New York federal judge.

Since Marvel has too much at stake to potentially lose the rights to the Ghost Rider franchise, they decided to settle the whole thing out of court. Friedrich recently informed the judge that he and the publisher had reached an agreement.

Although a trial was originally scheduled to begin this November to resolve the Ghost Rider lawsuit, apparently the case is no longer on the table.

Details about the settlement have not been disclosed to the public as of this writing. However, Friedrich’s lawyer explained that both the author and the comic book publisher “have amicably agreed to resolve all claims.”

ABC News points out that the agreement between Gary Friedrich and Marvel hasn’t been executed as of this writing. While it’s believed that both parties will follow through with their current arrangement, there’s always the possibility that talks could break down at some point.

Marvel has been cranking out Ghost Rider adventures since 1972. The character’s origin story was explored in Marvel Spotlight #5. The superhero with the flaming skull was portrayed in no less than two motion pictures starring Nicolas Cage.

What do you think about Marvel and Gary Friedrich reaching a settlement regarding the long-running Ghost Rider lawsuit?

[Image via Sony Pictures / Columbia Pictures]