Google+ Reveals Embedded Posts As New Feature

While Apple lovers are still awaiting the September 10 conference that will introduce the new iPhone 5s, Google lovers got some exciting news today.

Today Google+ introduced a few new features, and of those new features is the ability to embed public Google+ posts on other sites. This is pretty cool for any user that wants to promote their content from Google+ on multiple platforms.

Do you want to highlight your thoughts about the day on your personal blog, but don’t feel like re-typing your Google+ post? Now you don’t have to, as you can now embed posts from Google+.

The embedding of Google+ posts is simple. You can embed by clicking the “embed post” tab from the menu on the direct post. This can be found in the top righthand corner. A code will pop up which will allow the user to copy and paste the code to embed the post.

It’s not just your words that you can embed from Google+. A user can embed photos, texts; you name it. If it’s on your profile, and it exists in a post, then odds are you can embed anything you perceive as your content from Google+ on to any platform.

After a post is embedded it’s ready to go and fully interactive on whichever platform you choose to embed the post on. That means that if others choose, they can +1 a post, as if they were on the Google+ site.

Seth Sternberg, the Director of Google+, elaborated on the new feature:

“We want to make it easy to expand your audience across the web.”

Google+ isn’t the only social site that’s offering embedded posts. Facebook announced back in July that it would allow third-party websites to share content directly from a users Facebook if they choose to.

Are you on board with embedded posts?