Naomi Watts Exits ‘Queen Of The Desert’, Nicole Kidman May Step In

Naomi Watts is currently promoting her widely panned film Diana, and now following her walk out during a radio interview to promote the film, it looks as if she’s weighing heavily on her future acting choices.

It was reported that Naomi Watts has exited from her latest biopic, Queen of the Desert. The film, which is being directed by Werner Herzog, would have seen her in the role of Gertrude Bell. According to Deadline, that’s no longer happening, and now Werner is looking to Nicole Kidman, who is currently in talks to replace Watts. Looks like this is the great Australian swap out.

Although it would be remiss not to mention that Kidman also has incredible acting chops, that are often overlooked. Over the last few years alone, Kidman has turned out great performances in The Paperboy, Rabbit Hole, and Nine.

If Kidman nabs the role of Gertrude Bell, this will be her second biopic this year. The other is the highly anticipated Grace of Monaco, which sees her in the pivotal role of Grace Kelly. Although word hasn’t been out on her performance from the film, it’s on everyone’s must see list, and is in favorable contention for awards season.

Herzog’s Queen of the Desert is said to be, “A chronicle of Gertrude Bell’s life, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.”

If Kidman joins the production, she will be alongside a rumored James Franco in the role of Henry Cadogan, and Robert Pattinson as Col. T.E. Lawrence.

Currently Nicole Kidman is promoting Jonathan Teplitzky’s WWII drama The Railway Man at the Toronto Film Festival. In that film she replaced Rachel Weisz. Although she doesn’t seem to be a first choice these days, Kidman is still making great strides in her career.