Gia Allemand Was On The Phone With Her Mom When She Took Her Life [Video]

The tragedy surrounding Gia Allemand’s suicide is becoming even more heartbreaking, as her mother tells Dr. Phil that she was on the phone with her daughter when she killed herself on August 12.

Barely holding back tears and choking while recalling the event, a visibly upset Donna Micheletti said her daughter Gia called her on the day she committed suicide.

The highly emotional interview will air this coming Tuesday on the Dr. Phil talk show.

Micheletti believes her daughter called her because she didn’t want to be alone during the last minutes of her life and her mom is the closest person the young woman had.

“I’m the closest person in the world to her and she didn’t want to be alone when she left this world. So she wanted Mommy to be there, I guess.”

The 29-year-old Bachelor star hung herself in her New Orleans apartment almost one month ago.

Gia Allemand’s mom Donna, says that it destroys her to think about it, but if it made her daughter feel better during those terrible moments then she can deal with it.

Allemand was found unconscious in her apartment by her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, who attempted to save her by performing CPR before the paramedics arrived.

She was taken to the hospital and put on life support. Gia Allemand passed away two days later.

According to a police report, Gia and her boyfriend had an argument when she confronted him about cheating on her.

Neighbors at the apartment complex that came to Anderson’s aid when he screamed for help, said he was beyond himself and desperate to save his Gia.

Micheletti struggles with the senselessness of her daughter’s death,

“I’m really mad that she did this for no reason,” Micheletti said. “In 12 hours it would have been fine. I’m really angry.”

Gia Allemand appeared in the reality TV show The Bachelor in 2010.