Robin Quivers Cancer Scare Revealed On ‘Howard Stern’

Robin Quivers has been battling cancer, and that’s why Howard Sterns long-time talk-show companion recently walked away from the mic.

According to Quivers, she has been undergoing a round of chemotherapy for the last year.

Doctors recently revealed that Quivers is cancer free.

The often controversial Howard Stern recently talked with Quivers about her cancer scare. Howard told his Sirius XM listeners:

“I gotta be honest, I thought she was a goner.”

Robin Quivers opened up about her battle with the disease, telling their listeners that it developed out of endometrial tissue, which is tissue located in the uterus.

When she announced her decision to take some time off, Quivers didn’t reveal to listeners that she was suffering from cancer.

Stern admitted during a rather heartwarming segment that he didn’t believe Quivers would return to the show and that he feared for her life.

While Howard may be the ringleader for his popular radio show, he has worked with Quivers for many years and they have developed a strong on-air relationship.

Here’s hoping that Robin Quivers remains cancer free and returns to the show. Howard hasn’t been the same without Robin in his corner.

Are you a fan of Robin Quivers and her work on the Sirius XM talk show?

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