Man Lost In Andes: Found Alive After Four Months

A man was lost in the Andes for four months. Amazingly, Raul Fernando Gomez Gircinegui was found alive on Sunday. The Uruguayan man became lost while crossing the mountains on foot.

Gircinegui was traveling from Chile to Argentina when his motorcycle broke down. Left with no other options, he started walking.

During a snowstorm, Gircinegui became disoriented and lost his way. He never imagined surviving the next four months in the brutal landscape.

As reported by ABC News, Gircinegui eventually found a shelter, which was built by Argentine officials. Unfortunately, the shelter was abandoned.

Gircinegui lost nearly 45 pounds over the next four months. He managed to survive on a diet of sugar, raisins, and rats.

When the Argentine officials returned to the site to record snowfall, they found Gircinegui. The man told them he was lost in the Andes for four months.

Despite his weakened state, Gircinegui was still able to walk and explain what happened. He was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

As reported by the Mirror, San Juan Governor Jose Luis Gioja is calling the rescue a miracle. Gircinegui had a history of medical issues before he became stranded.

His doctor says that he smoked and had problems with his blood pressure. When he was discovered in the mountains, he also suffered from dehydration and was malnourished.

According to doctors, Gircinegui is “going to be fine” and will be discharged within a few days.

Officials report that he spoke with his wife, daughter, and mother by phone.

Gircinegui’s family was thrilled to hear that he was alive. They reported him missing in May. When the search was called off in July, they had little hope that he survived the harsh conditions.

Gircinegui is not the first person to become lost in the Andes. However, he has one of the most amazing stories of resilience and survival.

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