iPhone 6 With Large Screen In The Works

An iPhone 6 with a six-inch screen may already be in the works according to people close to Apple. Apple is reportedly testing out iPhones with between 4.8 and 6-inch screens, which will presumably be used for the iPhone 6 next year.

Apple is just now getting ready to announce and release its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but the next one appears to be in testing already. A 6-inch iPhone 6 would not only be a big change from Apple’s generally “small” screen sizes, but it would actually make the iPhone 6 one of the largest smartphones on the market.

If the iPhone 6 launches with a large screen–especially in the 6-inch range–Apple would end up targeting their largest rival, Samsung. The Korean mobile company has been coming out with numerous large smartphones which have ended up becoming very popular.

Through the success of Samsung and a few other technology companies, the smartphone market is trending towards larger phones. So, the iPhone 6 coming with a 6-inch screen may be great for Apple.

Although the 6-inch iPhone is of most interest, sources close to Apple pointed out that these testing devices may turn into individual smartphones. If that ends up being true, Apple would end up launching multiple iPhone 6 devices at various sizes.

This would be different from what Apple has done in the past, but would continue with the company’s trend towards launching more than one device at a time. For example, the iPhone 5S and 5C–which should be coming out within the next two weeks–show that Apple is fine with launching multiple smartphones at the same event.

Based on various reports and simple common sense, the larger iPhone screen will not be seen with the iPhone 5C or 5S. Instead, Apple will most likely include a 6-inch screen on the iPhone 6 when it is released in late 2014.