Senator Ted Cruz: $2,000 A Ticket For Utah Fundraiser

Senator Ted Cruz, who is thought to be a lead contender for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, will visit Utah next week to speak at a Senator Mike Lee fundraiser.

Senator Lee has been a long time supporter of Ted Cruz. Now that Lee himself wishes to get re-elected, Cruz is showing his support for the Utah Senator.

Those attending the fundraiser on Friday will be paying $2,000 per ticket for the privilege of hearing Ted Cruz speak. The two Senators have many things in common, especially when it comes to their joint effort to do what they can to stop funding for the new Obamacare, Affordable Care Act.

In a fundraising email sent to Lee’s supporters he stated: “we are outmatched in this fight.” He also wrote, urging people to contribute, “to make sure I’m prepared to take advantage of any opportunity I come across.”

The Senators will also conduct a meeting with Governor Gary Herbert, regarding issues of federalism and how states can best work together with the government.

Dallas News reported that Senator Cruz shared his view a few days ago on the potential military strike against Syria.

He made it clear that he was against any military action, on behalf of the United States in Syria:

“It is not the responsibility of the United States military to serve as the policeman of the world,” he said, “The strike that has been laid out does not seem to me to be focused on or advancing US national security interests. Inserting the United States in a sectarian civil war in Syria is extraordinarily perilous.”

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