Pillsbury Recall: Why You Never Know What Is In Your Food

A Pillsbury Recall amid concerns of plastic in the dough is just the latest of many food recalls because of various substances ending up in products. Specifically, the Pillsbury Recall was a “voluntary class II” for some versions of their Cinnamon Rolls.

How in the world plastic ends up in Cinnamon Rolls is beyond me, but it shows once again how messed up the processed food market is. Although there are always issues with bacteria in some non-processed foods, materials such as plastic simply don’t show up in a product unless that piece of food is being manufactured.

General Mills frantically recalled most Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with icing, but there have been many other recalls of processed food in the past.

Food poisoning from Salmonella is actually far more common than it should be, and, unlike what many people assume, it is generally the result of processing food.

In 2010, a massive recall of various products containing HVP — a flavor enhancer — occurred, resulting in the FDA removing more than 30 products from shelves simply because the chemicals being used to flavor foods were dangerous.

Again in 2013, an even larger recall of more than 10.5 million pounds of processed food occurred because of E.coli concerns, which caused the hospitalization of multiple people.

These are only a few of the many food recalls that have been carried out as a result of bacteria or other substances being found in a food product. Although E.coli and Salmonella are bacteria, they end up in food for primarily the same reasons as plastic would.

That being said, the Pillsbury recall is nothing more than an example of a company not being careful. Plastic is one thing that simply should not ever magically appear in food, and, when it does, the company has obviously not put enough safety measures in place.

So, if general health was not a sufficient reason to limit how much processed food you consume, hopefully this is.

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