G20 Summit Leaders And American People Reject Syria Strike

Leaders at the G20 Summit on Friday echoed the feelings that most Americans have towards a US strike in Syria. Just like the American people, other leaders present at the Summit rejected the idea of striking Syria.

US President Barack Obama met with his outspoken rival, Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit but after their 20-30 minute conversation, neither side came to an agreement. Putin, along with Chinese leaders, have warned the US about entering Syria and have hinted at various consequences if it does.

Putin made it clear that the G20 Summit went in his favor in terms of how the other World leaders viewed the situation in Syria. At the same time, some people have been weary when it comes to supporting Putin’s view since he has completely aligned himself with the Assad regime.

There is a fair amount of evidence however, that Putin is correct in thinking that the Syrian rebels were the ones responsible for the brutal chemical weapons attack of August 22, and not the Syrian Army.

This stance is not necessarily hard to take but is controversial, so many of the other leaders present at the G20 Summit never fully endorsed Putin’s opinion.

Eleven countries have endorsed the President’s “evidence” surrounding Syria. The statement which was endorsed included the following terms:

  • Consider the Syrian chemical weapons attack completely unacceptable by World standards.
  • Agree that evidence points to the Assad Regime as being responsible for the attack.
  • Call for a strong international response to the attack.

By no means is the World view on Syria clear cut, but there are major international forces including Germany, Russia, and China which all openly oppose the US attacking Syria.

Obama has stressed that no troops would be put on the ground in Syria if a strike occurs, but as we have seen from previous operations, things rarely go as “planned.”

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