Deion Sanders, Who Criticized Players Suing NFL For Compensation, Once Sought Compensation Himself

Deion Sanders is apparently conflicted about players seeking compensation from the NFL.

At the Super Bowl this year, the retired cornerback said the group of former players suing the NFL for compensation from concussion injuries were simply making a money grab at the league. He said the sport is safe, and that retired players had no business trying to shake down the league for money.

It turns out that Deion doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Two years ago, Sanders filed for workers’ compensation in California, saying he suffered long-lasting trauma from head and other injuries while a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

The news comes just a few days after the NFL and players settled the concussion lawsuit for $765 million. The suit opens the door for all players — not just the 4,000 or so who signed on as plaintiffs — to seek compensation for concussions. The players had alleged that the league kept from them the true risks of concussions, and fostered an atmosphere that allowed and even celebrated big, dangerous hits.

“This is an extraordinary agreement that will provide immediate care and support to retired players and their families,” said Christopher Seeger, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “This agreement will get help quickly to the men who suffered neurological injuries. It will do so faster and at far less cost, both financially and emotionally, than could have ever been accomplished by continuing to litigate.”

The lawsuit involved a number of high-profile players, including former Pro Bowler Tony Dorsett and the family of linebacker Junior Seau, who killed himself last year amid signs of prolonged brain damage.

An investigation by Yahoo! Sports found that the Division of Workers’ Compensation determined Deion Sanders to be 86 percent disabled, suffering more than a dozen medical conditions including cognitive impairment, behavioral/emotional disorder, and even arthritis.

It turns out the NFL may not be as safe as Deion Sanders claimed.