Danny Trevathan Touchback: Broncos Linebacker ‘Thought’ He Was In The End Zone

Showboating Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan tried to explain how he turned a touchdown into a touchback.

Late in last night’s Ravens-Broncos NFL season opener, with the whole country watching and with a chance to seal the victory, Danny Trevathan dropped a pick six at the goal line that the Ravens recovered. The play, if completed would have made the score 48-17 in favor of the Broncos. Baltimore ended up scoring a touchdown on the turnover after an 80-yard scoring drive to stay in the game. His teammates and offensive coordinator Jack Del Rio got into his face over the gaffe.

After the game,Trevathan offered this explanation of what happened: “It was a young mistake. I was just in the moment. I thought I was in the end zone. Next time I’m going hold the ball up high and give it to a fan or something. But it’s not going to happen again. I’m growing from it and I’m not let going to let anybody stop me.”

The play actually could have been ruled a fumble. When Ravens wide receiver Brandon Stokley tried to recover it, however, the ball bounced out of the end zone for a touchback. On the same play, Trevathan’s teammate Wesley Woodyard suffered an ankle injury, but was able to get back on the field.

CBS Sports notes that the Joe Flacco interception followed by a touchback could have been devastating in a close contest: “Trevathan probably would have had to join the witness protection program if the Broncos had a found a way to lose, but they didn’t, thanks in large part to Peyton Manning’s NFL record-tying seven touchdown passes.”

Similarly, Sports Illustrated observes that the game was a “laugher” because of Manning’s historic effort and that Trevathan’s humilating miscue under the circumstances “was a bit of comic relief.”

Trevathan was the Broncos sixth round draft choice in 2012 out of Kentucky.