Hoda Kotb Flashes Phone Number On Air, Receives 4,000 Texts [Video]

Hoda Kotb made a huge boo boo this week when she accidentally flashed her phone number on the air, resulting in as many as 4,000 text messages having filled her inbox by the end of the day.

She flashed the number while demonstrating a Samsung wrist watch, and it was only on the screen for a second. But that was enough for viewers to troll her voice-mail and text inbox by the thousands.

“There were a couple of porn ones in there, which I kind of enjoyed,” Hoda joked on the air Friday. “But most of the others were just fun.”

Some of the better texts included:

  • “Your name autocorrects to Honda Hoda…”
  • “Will u text me so I can show my friend she dont believe me and I bet her $20”
  • “Don’t feel bad about the phone # thing. How could you know it would just pop up like that?! Next time, use KL’s phone. # Bestsegmentslipupever!”
  • “Hi Hoda!! You goofed!!”
  • “Hi Hoda!! I’m so sorry that you let your number get out on the air but I wanted to let you know that Jeronda and Randy love you guys in Calhoun, Georgia!! Keep up the good work!!”
  • “Just wanted to let you know that you and Kathie Lee are an awesome pair….you always make me happy to watch your show, now plz go get a new number!!!”

Ugh, this feels staged. Otherwise Hoda Kotb’s fans are as lame as Hoda Kotb.

Anyway, Hoda did have to get a new phone number, replacing the one she’s had for 15 years. While admitting that she’s a “complete and total idiot,” the fourth hour host said “I’m embracing it!”

I’m just surprised that 4,000 people watch the Today Show.

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