Obama Satan Pic Picks Up Steam Amid WWIII Fears

An Obama Satan pic has been making the rounds on Facebook, but this time the starting point has nothing to do with right wing detractors, nor tea party members of Congress.

It’s Egypt.

According to alternative news site Before It’s News, the widely read Al Wafd media outlet in Egypt originally published the pic depicting President Obama with horns, pointy ears, and teeth that look like they were directly lifted from a 1980s monster movie.

In the background, you can plainly see a fiery orange sky with the numbers 666 faintly visible behind the President.

The Obama Satan pic is a reaction from the growing detractors in Arab nations, who disagree with Obama’s desire for military action in Syria, a stance that has met with quite a bit of pushback domestically as well.

Coincidentally, the President still thinks he can convince an opposed American population that striking Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons on its citizenry is the right action.

In a statement reported by The Globe and Mail on Friday, Obama said he was “confident” Americans will want a strike once he lays out his case in a Tuesday night address.

“I trust my constituents want me to offer my best judgment. That’s why they elected me. That’s why they re-elected me,” Obama said, apparently unaware that these same constituents are starting to turn against him for his Syria position and for the growing number of leaks regarding his role in the NSA spy program whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed.

In fact, Obama’s approval rating has been on a steady decline since the NSA scandal broke, hitting a low on Gallup of 41 percent. As of Friday, the polling organization showed him with 43 percent approval to 49 percent disapproval.

While all this hardly means that Obama is the Antichrist or that he will end up starting World War III, it does show that his support is waning domestically and internationally.

Do you think the Obama Satan pic is proof that the President is losing his influence?

[Image via Al Wafd]

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