Game On: Plurk API Available Tomorrow

Fast growing microblogging platform Plurk will have an API available from tomorrow.

Plurk first came to prominence at the beginning of June after constant issues with Twitter saw many start looking for alternatives. Like Twitter, Plurk offers a microblogging platform, however the service presents user entries on a reverse chronological timeline that has quickly devided opinions in the first adopter community. Alexa (the only source of recent data) shows visits to Plurk have roughly quadrupled since the beginning of the month, and the service has come in at a respectable 15,020 on a one week average.

A Plurk API will allow third party application development, a key step in taking Plurk to a broader audience. It will also mean the development of apps that display Plurk Twitter style (or even Plurk Mobile style), giving Plurk a greater chance of winning users from the ever declining Twitter platform.

If you do develop a third party app for Plurk, be sure to drop us a line. Also with any luck we may also now see Plurk support built into FriendFeed.

Update: we’ve since learned that the API will not be an official API but has the support of Plurk, but only so far as they wont be handling support requests for it. The API will be hosted on Google Code (thanks in part to Grum in the comments)