Riddick Reviews Good Although Vin Diesel Feared Movie Would Never Be Made

Riddicks reviews have been good so far, but Vin Diesel remembers fearing the movie would never be made.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Riddick reviews by critics are divided, but Rotten Tomatoes is showing a 58 percent rating with 76 percent of the audience saying they like Riddick.

For making Riddick Vin Diesel leveraged his house in order to raise the funding necessary to complete his latest SciFi thriller. If Riddick is successful Vin Diesel plans on making two more Riddick movies.

Riddick cost $38 million to make and at one point Vin Diesel was funding the project out of project until the money from the bank came through. Vin Diesel remembers the movie-making experience for Riddick as being a type of existential dread. When making Riddick Vin Diesel wasn’t even sure if the movie would ever be finished:

“I have never talked about that. I will never be able to convey the anxiety, the frustration, the fear that I was feeling before making this movie when the funding wasn’t getting to where it needed to get. To where padlocks were being put on the production studio in Canada because we had insufficient funds to get going. To where I had to leverage my house.”

Vin Diesel even secured the Riddick intellectual property rights by giving a cameo in Fast & Furious. Vini Diesel felt like the Riddick property was being “held in a vault” after the failure of The Chronicles of Riddick, which cost $105 million to make and raked in only $57 million domestically.

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