Rochus Misch: Hitler’s Personal Bodyguard Dies

Rochus Misch, who served as Hitler’s personal bodyguard, has died. The 96-year-old man was considered one of Adolph Hitler’s closest friends.

Misch never apologized for his relationship with the ruthless leader. In fact, he denied any knowledge of the 6 millions Jews killed during the holocaust.

As reported by CBS News, Misch stood beside Hitler throughout his reign. However, he said details about the Final Solution were never discussed.

Misch’s memory of Adolph Hitler differed greatly from public opinion. He said that his friend was “no brute… no monster… no superman.”

Rochus Misch explained that he joined Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler unit in opposition to communism. He said that he joined in an effort to “protect Europe… not for Adolf Hitler.”

Misch was appointed as one of Hitler’s personal bodyguards in 1940:

“He was a wonderful boss… I lived with him for five years. We were the closest people who worked with him… Hitler was never without us day and night.”

At the end of the war, Misch followed Hitler into the Fuehrerbunker. He recalled answering telephones and greeting numerous Nazi commanders. As the Soviets surrounded the city, Hitler declared the war over.

Despite the declaration, Misch remained by Hitler’s side. He was the last person to see him alive.

On April 30, 1945, Misch was answering telephones when Hitler and his wife reportedly committed suicide.

One day later, Misch reportedly witnessed the suicides of Josef Goebbels and his entire family. The following day, he fled the bunker.

As reported by International Business Times, Misch was criticized for his defense of Hitler’s work and his character. Despite the mass executions, Misch says the he cannot “imagine Hitler as a murderer… he was so friendly, so nice.”

Rochus Misch’s relationship with Hitler remained controversial until the day he died. Misch was pronounced dead on Thursday after a short-term illness.

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