K-Cup Soup From Campbell’s Announced, Lunch Just Got Lazier

The announcement of K-Cup soup from Campbell’s means that now, if emptying a can of soup into the bowl and microwaving it was too much of a hassle, you can still have insta-soup with even less work.

We’re totally not ragging on K-Cup soup, as we here at The Inquisitr have been known to complain that a bowl of ramen can be “too labor intensive” and that trail mix, it is.

But the K-Cup soup announcement also signals new territory for Keurig, who have branched out to chai lattes and other forms of hot beverage, but not officially into the partnered market of foods made for their popular machines just yet.

There are K-Cup soup instructions on the web for instant mac and cheese cups and Cup O’Noodles soup, but none are specifically sold for a Keurig just yet.

The K-Cup soup from Campbell’s is the brainchild of CEO Denise Morrison, who conceived the idea while she was using a Keurig for coffee.

Morrison explains that the two ideas just clicked, adding:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could get soup at the touch of a button?… I’ve observed the penetration of the K-Cups in the coffee business. It’s been really, really popular with consumers in the home and out of home.”

Some of the details on Campbell’s for your Keurig are still being hashed out — for instance, the company expects to offer three flavors of soup, but only Chicken Noodle has thus far been confirmed. The cup of flavored broth will be paired with a noodle packet for that variety.

Pricing hasn’t been set for K-Cup soup yet, and will be announced as the product readies for launch. However, Campbell’s says that the concern of getting chicken flavor in your coffee won’t apply, as the way the machine works means there will be no cross contamination.

Would you keep K-Cup soup on hand for busy afternoons?