David Hasselhoff Really Wants To Play Nick Fury One More Time

David Hasselhoff is still a little bitter than he wasn’t asked to reprise his role as Nick Fury in director Joss Whedon’s The Avengers.

Long before superheroes ruled the box office, the former Baywatch star played the character in Rod Hardy’s 1998 made-for-TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD. Although it was penned by The Dark Knight Rises scribe David S. Goyer, the film isn’t exactly top-notch entertainment.

Since he was the first guy to portray Nick Fury in a live-action movie, David Hasselhoff was hoping to reprise that role in The Avengers. The actor was a little shocked to discover that Samuel L. Jackson had been tapped for Nick Fury instead.

During his conversation with Yahoo! Movies, Hasselhoff said he was extremely disappointed that Joss Whedon didn’t cast him in the 2012 box office smash.

“I was the first Nick Fury. Stan Lee put me in that. He gave me the best line ever: ‘Guys like you tend to cling to the bowl no matter how many times you flush.’ Stan Lee came on the set and told me all about Nick. He said ‘You’re the ultimate Nick Fury.’ He gave me the greatest compliment ever,” he recently explained to the website.

David Hasselhoff also had a few opinions about Samuel L. Jackson’s turn as Nick Fury in The Avengers. Although he believes the Snakes on a Plane star did a fine job with the role, he doesn’t feel it was true to the character.

“He wasn’t really the consummate Nick Fury, the way he was written. And I think that’s a shame because he’s a great character and a funny character,” Hasselhoff said.

He added, “I’m hoping to do it again sometime.”

Fans of cheesy cinema should definitely consider giving Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD a shot if they can find a copy. The trailer for the made-for-TV flick lies below.

Do you think David Hasselhoff should have returned as Nick Fury in The Avengers? Do you believe the actor will ever get a chance to play the character again?

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