Anthony Weiner Meltdown: Carlos Danger Yells At Jewish Voter [Video]

Anthony Weiner may have crushed any hope he had to become Mayor of New York today after he got into a screaming match with an Orthodox Jewish voter.

Weiner polling numbers have been dwindling for weeks due to his sexting scandal and this recent video may put the final nail in his campaign coffin.

USA Today reports that Weiner got into a confrontation with a man at a Borough Park bakery.

Politicker reporter Ross Barkan said that Weiner was leaving the bakery when Saul Kessler, a real estate manager, said something about the sexting scandal. Weiner couldn’t let it go and turned around to confront the man.

Kesler called Weiner a bad role model and said that he shouldn’t be running for office. Weiner, who has declared himself a candidate who won’t back down, argued with the man saying that everyone has made mistakes.

Weiner said
: “You’re my judge? You’re my judge? What rabbi taught you that? What rabbi taught you that you’re my judge?”

Weiner is obviously getting tired of hearing about his sexting scandal and is trying to move on with his campaign. But seriously? You’re going to yell at an Orthodox Jewish voter on the eve of the Jewish New Year? And you still expect to win?

Do you think Anthony Weiner still has a shot at being Mayor? The primary is next Tuesday, September 10.

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