Body In Castaic Lake Burned, Might Be Missing Man

A body in Castaic Lake was burned during a brush fire.

It’s possible the Castaic Lake body may belong to a missing 19-year-old man named Bryce Laspisa.

A brush fire near Castaic Lake was reported early in the morning and it took fire crews 18 minutes to reach the blaze and put it out.

Once there, a still burning body in Castaic Lake was discovered. Whoever the man is, he was declared dead on the scene.

Los Angeles County fire supervisor Bernard Peters and sheriff Sgt. Rich Nagler say they’re not certain if the burned body in Castaic Lake is the missing man:

“We got there and it was what appeared to be a body…. We have no idea who this is. We are waiting for homicide [detectives] and the coroner’s to arrive.”

Authorities had been looking for Bryce Laspisa ever since a 2003 Toyota Highlander belong to him was found on its side. After the accident, Bryce Laspisa called his parents and that was the last he was ever heard from. He has been missing for a week now.

Bodies and Castaic Lake murders are apparently not a rare event. In 2010, a woman’s body at Castaic Lake was stashed away in a car. Another body in Castaic Lake was dumped by a murderer in 2011. It’s possible the body in Castaic Lake may add victim to a string of Castaic Lake murders.

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