Anthony Weiner Fights With ‘Jewish Voter’ Who Called Him A ‘Scumbag’

Anthony Weiner got into a knock down, drag out verbal fight with a “Jewish voter” who, among other things, took the NYC mayoral hopeful to task for his alleged moral failings.

The man arguing with Anthony Weiner in the clip is not named, but as the politician leaves an unidentified establishment eating something, the guy calls him a “scumbag.”

Weiner is not amused. He first calls the man a coward (essentially), before taking him to task for presuming to judge the scandalized former Congressman in the recorded impromptu dispute.

When the man shouts the insult at Weiner, he shoots back:

“Yeah, takes one to know one, jackass… What’s that? You wait until I walk out to say anything? That’s courage!”

The pair then begin to bicker, and the guy calls Weiner on the carpet for… appearing in public? He charges:

“You have the nerve to even walk around in public? You’re disgusting.”

Weiner doesn’t back down, and asks the voter on whose authority he is able to judge, saying:

“You’re my judge? What rabbi taught you that you’re my judge?”

In the full clip above, Anthony Weiner and the Brooklyn voter hash it out over the man’s strange demand that Weiner leave “the public eye,” and Weiner’s counter that he has every right to be there. (Which he does.)

Weiner later tweeted:

.@RossBarkan if by melt down you mean stood up to a heckler. Yep. Did that. That’s what Mayors have to do sometimes.

— Anthony Weiner (@anthonyweiner) September 4, 2013

He adds that the man didn’t approach until he was both leaving and eating, saying:

.@moneyries in defense of me, the guy waited til I took a bite of honey cake to take a run at me.

— Anthony Weiner (@anthonyweiner) September 4, 2013

The clip seems to have made it to TMZ from one blogger, Jacob Kornbluh, who tweeted:

Whose side are you on after this clip? Anthony Weiner, or Random Jewish Voter?