Eddie Murphy On Twitter, Making Musical Comeback With Snoop Lion

Eddie Murphy is now on Twitter, if only to support his musical comeback.

Yes, not only was Eddie Murphy a comedian and an actor, but he’s also had his share of history in music. Throughout the years, the Nutty Professor star has made music alongside some of the most notable names in the business, even doing a few remakes of classic songs that we’d rather forget about.

Eddie Murphy’s musical comeback will see him releasing a new reggae album alongside former gangsta rapper Snoop Lion. In an effort to promote the new album, Eddie Murphy has joined Twitter.

It’s unknown how this new turn in the Beverly Hills Cop star’s career will end up, but we imagine if you’re going to make a musical comeback with a reggae album, you might as well team up with the former partner of Dr. Dre.

So far the only thing Eddie Murphy has done on Twitter is promote his new song alongside Snoop Lion, but this could open up a whole new can of worms if he decides to get more involved with the micro-blogging social media site. According to his (at the moment) almost 3,000 followers, he has gained more popularity there in a single tweet than most of us can summon in over 1,000 tweets.

Previous efforts in music have turned up such names as Michael Jackson, Rick James, and Stevie Wonder, as the comedian has released three full solo albums already. Eddie Murphy’s biggest hit so far, “Party All the Time” with Rick James off his How Could it Be album, hit number two on the top 100 in 1985. On the other end of the success scale, his duet with Micheal Jackson – “Whatzupwitu,” off of his Love’s Alright album in 1993 – was an embarrassing failure for just about everybody involved.

Here’s hoping now that Eddie Murphy is on Twitter promoting his latest reggae album and the song “Redlight” with Snoop Lion, his musical career picks up on a positive note again.

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