Snoop Lion Virtual Stickers Will Set You Back $100

Snoop Lion is currently offering up pricey virtual stickers in hopes of separating his legion of fans from their hard-earned money.

Folks who downloaded the rap legend’s Snoopify mobile app now have access to a series of stamps and stickers that they can place on their own photographs. Instead of charging a few dollars for this digital plaything, Snoop Lion is asking his fans to drop $100 on one virtual doodad.

If you’re interested in sharing your love of marijuana with your friends and family, then you might be interested in the “Golden Jay” sticker. This slang term for a spliff might spice up your photographs, but it might break the bank in the process.

“I was shocked. But hey, this is a new world,” brand manager Nick Adler. Even he was shocked that fans were willing to spend $100 on a Snoop Lion virtual sticker.

The Snoopify app, which is available for both iOS and Android, is of the same ilk as Instagram. Instead of putting artsy filters on your photos, you can pepper them with weed references and stylized pictures of Snoop Lion. It may sound impossibly stupid, but the guy is starting to amass a small fortune from this thing.

“Decorate your photos with never-before-seen graphics of Snoop, ranging from classic Snoop Dogg to Rasta-inspired Snoop Lion looks and phrases,” the official description reads.

In addition to digital stamps designed around recreational marijuana use, the collection features walrus hats, an assortment of bling, and a certain popular purple drink. However, those who want to add “Golden Jay” to their photos will need to scrape up $99.99.

According to Nick Adler, 15 people have purchased the virtual sticker in seven days. Although this may not sound like a lot, it definitely proves that there’s a market out there for overpriced pixels. Expect other artists to follow suit in the coming months.

Would you spend $100 on a Snoop Lion virtual sticker?

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