Chobani Recall Makes Customers Angry, Company Denies Safety Risk [Video]

A Chobani recall isn’t officially being deemed a recall, but cups of the popular Greek yogurt have been pulled from store shelves amid reports of illness, mold, and potential contamination.

It’s estimated that the Chobani recall affects five percent of product on store shelves, and customers are not happy as they comment on a recent Facebook post by the yogurt maker, embedded below.

It seems the Chobani recall has become a bit sticky for the company — as the brand steadfastly refuses to use the specific word recall when describing the issues reported nationwide with their yogurt, and customers allege the company didn’t act quickly enough to ensure poor quality product was removed from circulation.

One Facebook user complains about compromised Chobani, commenting:

“Today my husband informed me that a Chobani Strawberry yogurt had exploded in our refrigerator, which he found strange. I had noticed of lately that some of the flavors (i.e. raspberry) [were] very runny and peach overly thick and lumpy. A few days ago I woke up very sick to my stomach, which has still not completely dissipated. We, as consumers deserve an explanation. My refrigerator is stocked with Chobani with a date code of October. A recall is in order.”

Facebook Chobani fans say some earlier comments before the Chobani recall were deleted by the brand amid increasing reports of illness and inedible yogurt across the country.

Chobani Facebook fans are being directed to email the company when voicing concerns about compromised product.

A blog post published several days ago is prefaced on the brand’s Facebook by a statement that the Chobani recall is not a recall, simply the brand being “currently in the process of voluntarily removing some from shelves that simply weren’t up to snuff,” despite reports of illness and chunky, “fizzy” yogurt still marked with October expiry dates.

The first statement in the click-through link read in part:

“Here at Chobani, nothing is more important to us than the quality of our products and the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Recently, we heard quality concerns surrounding certain cups, which were experiencing swelling or bloating.”

A few days later, Chobani added:

“Our thorough investigation has identified a type of mold commonly found in the dairy environment. The product in question is less than 5% of our production and is limited to cups produced at our Idaho facility, which accounts for only one third of our production capacity.”

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At least one Facebook commenter claims her small children were sickened by Chobani product affected by the issue.

The Chobani recall statement can be found on the brand’s website.

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