Irvine Shooting: Cops Shoot Man While Serving Warrant

A shooting in Irvine, California involving police officers ended with the suspect being transported to the hospital.

According to the LA Times, Irvine police officers arrived at the Doria Apartment Homes Complex this morning to serve a search warrant related to a sexual assault investigation. The officers found their suspect, 35-year-old Ronald Williams, in the parking lot of the complex.

Williams was shot by one of the police officers.

It is unclear what caused the shooting in Irvine, California today, but police said that a handgun was recovered on the scene.

Irvine Police Department Lt. Julia Engen said: “Detectives were here preparing to serve a search warrant when they contacted the suspect in the parking lot. The subject they were here to interview for their investigation was shot.”

Engen said that the Irvine Police Department was conducting an investigation into the shooting and that more details would be released at a later date.

Engen said: “We don’t have exact details right now of the moment in time when the shooting occurred. That will be coming later when the investigation is more complete.”

Cindy Jackson,who was at the complex at the time of the shooting, said that she heard that there was a man with a rifle in the parking lot shooting at police officers.

Jackson said: “A female who was applying as a prospective resident as well said, ‘There’s a man with a rifle outside and I think he’s starting to shoot.’ We then were asked to run out the left side of the building by a police officer, and we ran about two blocks up the road while shots were being fired.”

Williams’exact condition is not known at this time, but KTLA reports that he is conscious at the hospital. The 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of sexual conduct with child 14 or younger and will likely face more charges after the Irvine shooting.

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