Stubbs The Cat, Alaska Mayor, In Critical Condition After Dog Attack

Stubbs the Cat, an Alaskan mayor, is in critical condition after a dog attack.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Stubbs the Cat is Alaska’s mayor over the small town of Talkeetna. One cat even ran to be came the mayor of Halifax.

Talkeetna is a small Alaskan town north of Anchorage whose population barely numbers 900. Talkeetna technically doesn’t have a mayor but somehow Stubbs the Cat won the mayoral election via write-in votes. So legally Stubbs the Cat is an Alaskan mayor as a honorary mayor.

Stubbs the Cat is probably pulling a grumpy cat face right about now. The owner of Stubbs the Cat says he was strolling down the street near his shop when a dog known to be ornery attacked Stubbs, mauling him and causing deep damage.

After the attack, Stubbs the Cat fled for safety and the residents of Talkeetna braved the rain to rescue their beloved mayor. Searching for hours using flashlights, they eventually found Stubbs the Cat in one of his favorite hiding places.

But the dog attack cut through flesh and muscle, leaving a four inch gash in Stubbs the Cat. The vet realized he’s also suffering from a punctured lung, a crushed sternum, and a bruised hip.

Stubbs the Cat is currently hooked up to life support and is wearing a compression jacket to calm the mayor down. Vet bills have already exceeded $2,000 but the owner hopes the mayor will pull through.

Stubbs the Cat, Alaska’s most beloved Mayor, may not survive the night but everyone is hoping. Meanwhile, residents are calling for the owner of the aggressive dog to take responsibility for the would-be assassin and keep the dog locked up.

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