Bart Palosz: Another Suicide Linked To Bullying

Bart Palosz shot and killed himself on the first day of his sophomore year. The 15-year-old was bullied for years.

On August 27, the Greenwich High School student completed his first day of school. When he returned home, he reportedly removed a gun from his family’s locked gun case. He then used the gun to commit suicide.

As reported by CNN, Palosz’s family and friends say that he was constantly bullied by classmates. A polish immigrant, Palosz spoke with an accent. The 15-year-old was also exceptionally tall for his age.

Bart Palosz’s classmates teased him about his height and his accent. Lisa Johnson, a friend of the family, says that the bullying continued for years.

She also says that Palosz’s parents sought help from school officials. However, the harassment continued.

As reported by CT Post, Bart’s sister Beata says her brother was bullied by classmates for nearly 10 years. Beata recently started her freshman year of college.

Throughout the years, Beata tried to shield her brother from some of the harassment. She often shared lunch with Bart so he didn’t have to sit alone.

Beata thinks her brother was insecure about going to school without her. On the first day, he begged his mother repeatedly to let him stay home.

Bart Palosz eventually went to school. At the end of the day, he sent a text message to his mother, detailing a list of necessary school supplies. He then told her that he was not feeling well.

Bart’s mother suggested that he lay down and get some rest. When she checked on him later that evening, he was dead.

His family blames the bullying, which was brutal. Bart was harassed for his appearance and his sensitive nature.

Throughout the years, a classmate smashed his cellphone, which was less than a week old. He was pushed down a staircase, into thorn bushes, and into a locker.

The locker left a gash in his head that required several stitches. School administrators ruled the incident an accident. However, they refused Bart’s family’s request to view security footage.

School officials were contacted via telephone, e-mail, and written letters, about the bullying. However, nothing was done.

The school district’s communication director, Kim Eves, simply states that there “is an ongoing police investigation.”

Following a memorial service, Bart Palosz’s body will be transported to Poland for burial.

Bart asked that the following song be played at his funeral:

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