Dina Eastwood Defends Ex-Husband Clint Eastwood On Twitter

Dina Eastwood is a breath of fresh air. Despite recently announcing that she and Clint Eastwood are separating, she took to Twitter to defend her ex.

The couple, who had been married for 17 years, had been living apart for quite sometime, according to a recent interview in which Dina confirmed the news of their separation.

Apparently, the former reality TV star doesn’t like what she sees when it comes to her former husband. On Monday night she felt the need to speak up in his defense on Twitter.

There have been some negative comments directed towards the 83-year-old actor/director and Dina is not having any of it.

She stated on her tweet that Clint is a “wonderful, good natured, brilliant person.”

One must give her credit, since most of the time when we hear of a Hollywood split, it’s nothing but nasty back and forth between the affected parties.

Dina Eastwood is a former TV news anchor, who actually met her ex-husband and Hollywood icon, Clint Eastwood while on assignment to interview him.

The couple started seeing each other after they met and married in March of 1996. They have a daughter, Morgan.

Rumors suggest that problems started when Dina began filming her reality TV show, which has been cancelled. The show followed her daily life with daughter Morgan and Clint’s daughter from another relationship, Francesca.

Dina Eastwood Twitter

According to reports, the actor didn’t like his privacy invaded and started spending more and more time away from home and was rarely seen in the show.

More rumors surfaced when he was seen without his wedding band earlier this year.

After Dina confirmed the news of her separation from Clint to Us Weekly, there were reports that she is seeing her High School boyfriend, University of Hawaii assistant basketball coach, Scott Fisher.

Dina Eastwood’s Twitter comment defending her ex-husband Clint Eastwood can be seen below.

I don’t like reading negative things about Clint. He is a wonderful, good natured, brilliant person. No matter what, I attest to that.

— Dina Eastwood (@DinaEastwood) September 3, 2013