Monster Crocodile Traps Man On Island For Two Weeks

A monster crocodile trapped a man on an island for two weeks. The New Zealand native kayacked to Governor Island for a brief visit. However, when he tried to leave, he was blocked by a 20-foot crocodile.

The man, identified only as “Ryan,” says that the crocodile appeared to stalk him as he tried to reach his kayak. As reported by International Business Times, the crocodile behaved aggressively when he tried to leave.

Ryan was forced to spend two weeks on the remote Western Australia island. He was not prepared for an extended stay.

He managed to survive on a limited supply of food and water. However, he was unsure how long the standoff would continue.

Don McLeod happened to notice a light on the island and went to investigate. He found Ryan on the beach, looking incredibly disturbed. McLeod says the stranded man was in desperate need of water.

The only thing McLeod had to offer was a cold beer. Ryan happily accepted the drink and promptly fell asleep.

Ryan is currently recovering from the incident on Australia’s mainland.

As reported by Deccan Chronicle, McLeod says the monster crocodile has been sighted numerous times on the island. He estimates that the crocodile is at least 20 foot long.

The number of crocodiles in the area has decreased significantly due to poaching. However, McLeod explains that “a number of very old ones… are cunning and certainly on the lookout for an easy meal.”

McLeod says Ryan is a “very, very lucky man.” He explains that while crocodiles are not plentiful, travelers need to be aware that they are around.

Less than two weeks ago 26-year-old Sean Cole was killed by a monster crocodile in the Australian Outback.

As reported by Huffington Post, the young man was attempting to swim across the Mary River when he was attacked. Norther Territory rangers eventually shot and killed the crocodile.

The monster crocodile was nearly 16-foot long and weighed over 1400 pounds.

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