Kate Bosworth Gets Married, Says ‘Whisky Will Be Involved’ At Wedding

Kate Bosworth is now Mrs. Kate Bosworth.

The 30-year-old actress married boyfriend Michael Polish in a small ceremony in Montana on Saturday.

As Us Weekly reported, the couple got married at The Ranch in Rock Creek, with Bosworth arriving in a horse-drawn stage coach.

The actress hasn’t spoken about the wedding, but had previously said that the ceremony she had planned is “not the norm and whisky will be involved.”

Bosworth reportedly wore a traditional strapless dress with a full train. Guests at the wedding were given Polaroid cameras and asked to post their photos on a main board with a heading that read “Love is…”

The relationship moved quite quickly, Bosworth said. The couple had been dating for two years after meeting on the set of Big Sur in 2011, a movie starring Bosworth and directed by Polish. They got engaged almost exactly a year ago during a trip to South Korea.

The relationship moved quite quickly, Bosworth said.

“I never even dated my husband-to-be,” she told InStyle UK in its September issue. “He said to me after just a few weeks before we were even together, ‘I’m going to marry you.’ He just knew.”

Kate Bosworth seems to have a preference toward Hollywood men. Though this is her first marriage, she has previously dated Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgaard. Polish was married once before and has a teenage daughter, Jasper. He and his wife divorced in 2004.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish will now have to find a way to blend business life and home life. The newlyweds are working together on a new movie, Unconscious.

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